Property Investment Services

If you're like most Utah Real Estate investors, you probably have a full time job and invest on a part time basis, which means time is at a premiuim. In today's competitive market, the good investment properties go fast. So how are you going to find them before others do? And will you have quick access to the information you need to make an informed purchase decision? Once you buy the property, will you have time to maintain it?

We recognize how hard it is to find those great investment properties before your competition does. That's why we've put together our VIP investor services program. As an investor, you may take advantage of one or all of these services.


VIP Investor Services Program


Investment Finder Service

The first step in finding the Utah real estate you want is to sit down and outline what types of investment properties you are looking for and what criteria they must meet. Once we have this information, we will load this into our Investment Finder database. This database queries thousands of Utah properties daily, and once a property is put on the market that matches your criteria, it will automatically notify you by e-mail. Plus, we also notify you of properties that we come across in the Salt Lake City area that have not been put on the market yet.


Property Viewing

Once you find an investment property you think has potential, call us and we’ll take you out to view and inspect the property.


Property Profile Service

Once you’ve had a chance to view the property and you are still interested, we will gather as much information about the property as possible. Things such as:

    • How much the current owner owes on the property
    • Whether the property is distressed or not
    • Rental history (if applicable)
    • Comparative Market Analysis to ensure the price is not too high
    • Neighborhood analysis
    • Days on the market
    • Other as needed


Property Management

If prefer to have someone else manage your investment property instead of spending the time doing it yourself, we offer the following services:

  • Preparation and implementation of advertising and marketing programs, including preparation of flyers, brochures, and letters.
  • Canvassing local business firms to assist them in the housing of their employees and developing prospect file cards for future references.
  • Staffing professional leasing agents who know the importance of "closing" prospective renters.
  • Preparing rental applications with thorough credit verification, past and present landlord verification, employment verification, and a Salt Lake County criminal check.
  • Negotiating and executing leases and other forms and following through to ensure all applications complete monetary and contractual commitments.

  • Cash Flow Statement - property number, owner name, projected rent, rent received, late fees received, maintenance, utilities, net cash flow.
  • Tenant Ledger - monthly financial activity of tenant - charges, payments, credits, and comment sections.
  • Renter File - summary report consisting of tenant name, address, phone number, employer, scheduled rent, lease expiration date, last increase date, and balance owed.
  • Security Deposit Report - tenant name, address, security deposit amount, charges against security deposit, credits toward security deposit, and whether security deposit was refunded, forfeited, transferred, etc.

  • Trial Balance - current and year-to-date balance.
  • Detail Ledger - all cash accounts - debits and credits.

  • Maintain all financial records of rents and expense for the rental property.
  • Copies of all lease agreements, correspondence, and reports.
  • Ensure compliance of lease agreements - from monitoring tenants payments to implementing cost of living increases and inspecting property to ensure proper care is being given to lawn, flower beds, interior, and exterior.

  • Take all calls from tenants regarding maintenance problems with the property.
  • If repairs needed are within expense limits set by owner the repairs will be done immediately by our highly qualified maintenance personnel. If repairs needed are above expense limit then all bids will be given to the owner for a decision.
  • Take care of all emergency calls.

Property Sales

If you need to sell your property, we have several Salt Lake City realtors that can help you sell it quickly for top dollar.