Dangers of Pricing Your Home Incorrectly

Pricing Your Home Too low:

  • Generates unnecessary loss of equity profits
  • Encourages more aggressive negotiations from buyers who see you as uninformed
  • Depreciates surrounding properties which could rebound and eliminate any chance of pricing correctly
  • Raises unwarranted suspicions about the property that diminishes its market value

Pricing Your Home Too High:

  • Agents avoid overpriced properties and buyers don't even consider homes listed above their perceived price range
  • Buyers who do look at your home shop by comparison and purchase based upon the best value

  • Extended marketing times taint a property. This causes buyers to overcompensate with lower-than-market-value offers

  • Overpriced sales rarely close because the home will not appraise for the inflated sales price

Utah Home Central will help you price your home accurately so your home sells quickly, but for a good price.